Coding For Kids

Long gone are the days when you had to have a PHD to write software. Today, the 11 year old kid down the street can create the next Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in his bedroom. I know this kid who created a game on Roblox, the popular gaming site, and is earning $8,000 per month. Not bad for 17 year old.

So, before you stick your kid in front of the computer and command him/her to go make some money, understand that most kids are not about that (money). Coding is a social event. They write code to feel “cool” and make their virtual world a little better for all the players.

These new skills your child develops can lead to a pretty lucrative career in software development before they graduate high-school. More important, the projects they work on can help with scholarships, getting into college, and creating some pretty good opportunities for them.

Anyhow, here is a list of sites that offer great learning experiences and some potential financial gain.